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"If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you."  -Devito

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."  -Walsh

I received my B.S. from Whitewater with a major in K - 12 Physical Education 
and a minor in Health Education and Coaching.


Classes I Teach
Outdoor Adventure Education 
This will be a journey – a challenge – an adventure for not only your body and mind, but for your whole being. Our experiences will take us into a variety of environments. We will be in water, on water, under water, on bikes, through the woods, taking hikes, climbing rocks, all the while searching for our next journey, our next challenge, our next adventure.



Course Goal

By the end of the semester, 100% of the students will learn skills, strategies, and information through experience and participation in adventure activities so that they can identify an adventure activity that they would do outside of a school setting to maintain or enhance a high level of wellness throughout their entire lifespan. This will be measured by unit self reflections and an end of the semester reflection.

Outdoor Adventure Course Mission Statement
As a member of this class I will:
  • Attend class and be on time.
  • Participate fully.
  • Have the courage to make my best effort to meet the daily challenges.
  • Return paperwork promptly - permission slips, other forms needed for activity, assignments… etc…
  • Display respect and consideration for the environment, self, classmates, teacher, presenters and the public, whether on or off school grounds.
  • Do my best to work with the core concepts of problem solving, communication, cooperation, trust, and trustworthiness.
  • Take care of school and other instructors’ equipment and use equipment only when instructed to do so.
  • Have proper equipment stored at school or bring to class each day. (see list below)
  • Let Ms. Whaley know if I have any special medical concerns that she needs to be aware of. Examples- food allergies, allergies, asthma, diabetic, recent injuries requiring medical attention and any injuries obtained in class.
  • Display safety consciousness at all times.  Safety! Safety! Safety!
  • Have fun!


Equipment needed:
  • Bike and helmet
  • Tuna sized can
  • PE clothes – shorts/pants, t-shirt, sweat shirt, tennis shoes
  • Extra clothing – socks, change of clothes, jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, rain gear…
  • Swimming suit and towel
  • Notebook and binder/folder, pen/cils


“I Can” Statements/WI State Standards
1:4:A1   I can demonstrate proper mechanics needed for success in target
sports such as archery, casting/fishing, golf, and Frisbee® golf.
1:4:A4   I can operate a bike, kayak, or canoe safely and skillfully in a natural
1:4:A5   I can demonstrate proficiency in two movement forms in individual
and lifetime activities.
1:4:A6   I can demonstrate skills for starting, stopping, falling, and turning
while participating in lifetime activities such as inline skating, cross-country skiing, biking, etc.
1:4:A8   I can acquire skills to participate in a lifetime activity outside of school.
2:4:A3   I can examine the physical, emotional, cognitive, and scientific factors that affect performance and explain the relationship between those factors.
2:4:B4   I can describe the impact of new skills and tactics.
2:4:B6   I can self-assess my performance and make appropriate corrections.
2:4:B7   I can apply pre-existing skills and knowledge to the acquisition of new skills.
3:4:A1   I can participate willingly in a variety of physical activities appropriate for maintaining or enhancing a healthy, active lifestyle.
3:4:A3   I can participate in health-enhancing lifetime activities that can be pursued in the community as well as the school.
3:4:B2   I can compare health and fitness benefits derived from various physical activities.
3:4:B4   I can describe the ways in which personal characteristics, performance styles, and activity preferences will change over the life span.
4:4:A9   I can participate in fitness/adventure activities based on resources available in the local community.
5:4:A1   I can solve conflicts agreeable to both parties.
5:4:A2   I can adjust my participation level and personal behavior to make activities
inclusive for everyone.
5:4:A3   I can work with peers willingly, regardless of skill level and individual differences in partner and small group situations.
5:4:A4   I can demonstrate responsible decisions about using time, applying
rules, and following through with decisions made.
5:4:A5   I can demonstrate consistent decisions to ensure the safety of self and others.
5:4:A6   I can exhibit respectful and mature behavior to contribute to a positive learning environment.
5:4:A7   I can identify positive and negative peer influences.
6:4:A1   I can participate in adventure activity/activities outside of school for self-enjoyment.
6:4:A3   I can display a willingness to experiment with new activities and sports of our and other cultures.
6:4:A4   I can demonstrate strategies for including people of diverse backgrounds and abilities in physical activity.
6:4:A5   I can describe the correlation that being physically active leads to a higher quality of life.
6:4:B1   I can demonstrate, through verbal and nonverbal behavior, cooperation with peers of different gender, race, and ethnicity in a physical setting.
6:4:B2   I can recognize the value of all individuals involved in the activity.
6:4:B3   I can describe the positive feelings that result from physical activity participation alone and with others.
Essential Questions:
  • How does fitness level relate to the skill level and enjoyment of outdoor activities?
  • How do outdoor activities increase physical, social and emotional growth?
  • How do proper safety measures increase the enjoyment of an outdoor activity?
  • How do outdoor activities increase our appreciation of the outdoor environment, ourselves and others?
  • How can outdoor adventure skills be applied to everyday life or activity?


Units Covered:
  • Initiatives – building inclusion, problem solving, team work, communication, safety
  • Paddling (kayak) – safety, equipment, stroke techniques, experience
  • Biking – safety, equipment, bike fit, techniques, rules of the road, experience
  • Climbing – safety, knots, equipment, techniques, field trip to Adventure Rock Climbing Gym
  • SCUBA Diving - safety, equipment, techniques, experience
  • Outdoor Cooking - safety, equipment, techniques, experience, MMM Good!
  • Camping - safety, knots, equipment, techniques, experience
  • Hiking/Trekking/Backpacking – safety, equipment, techniques, experience
  • Orienteering/Navigation – safety, equipment, techniques, experience
  • National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) - safety, equipment, techniques, experience, an opportunity to participate in an archery competition
  • Snowshoeing/Skiing (weather permitting) - safety, equipment, techniques, experience
  • Trip planning, outdoor survival, adventure racing, environmental ethics and concerns



Professional Organizations and Activities

  • National Education Association (NEA) 

  • Wisconsin Education Association (WEA)

  • Menomonee Falls Education Association (MFEA)

  • Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education (WAEE)

  • Wisconsin Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (WAHPERD)

  • District Wellness Committee

  • Human Growth and Development Curriculum Committee


Email is the easiest and best way to contact me.  My email address is whalmar@sdmfschools.org  




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